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We’re here to help you achieve what
others may believe impossible.

We’ve walked in your shoes — or similar ones. We’ve been through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey ourselves.

We have learned not just from our own experiences but also those of the hundreds of founders we’ve supported over the past decade. We are committed to helping early stage tech startups transform industries, society and humanity for the better.

Our Investment Team

Janet Bannister
Managing Partner

John Stokes

Sam Haffar

Hamzah Nassif

Isaac Souweine

Katy Yam
FounderFuel General Manager

JS Cournoyer
Board Partner

Alan MacIntosh
Board Partner

Mark McDowell
Board Partner

Sylvain Carle
Venture Partner

Laura Easton

Phil G. Joseph

Mohamed Elabshihy

Our Operations Team

Stephen Osmond
VP Finance

Richard Fefergrad
Financial Reporting Manager

Sean Clayton
Fund Accountant

Raphael Christian-Roy
Managing Director of Front Row Ventures

Ziyi Shi
Director of Legal Affairs

Lisa Séguin
Director of Marketing & People