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We support game-changing Canadian founders from day one, helping them scale themselves as they scale their businesses.

What we believe

Canadian entrepreneurial success is all about collaboration and connection.

Over the past 14 years, we have participated in the growth of one of the most vibrant tech communities in the world.

By learning from international examples, honing in on our strengths, and rolling up our sleeves and building impactful programs, networks and resources, we’ve not only seen massive success for the companies we back, we’ve also witnessed the flourishing of the ecosystems in which they thrive.

You can only improve what you measure, so we’ve written about the state of Canadian AI and investment many times over the years.


Founders must develop their mindsets alongside their skillsets.

The success of a high-growth venture-backed business depends as much on the leadership abilities of the founding team as it does on operational excellence.

Our team helps our founders lay enduring foundations, supporting them from pre-seed and standing by them as they scale. We back visionary leaders who will have lasting impacts on the future of society across all industries.

We’ve collected a host of resources that explore building solid foundations for longterm impact.


Founders have tremendous power to shape our reality and future.

The next generation of great companies will be conscious about the impact their technology has on the world and deliberate about how they use that power.

They will be led by founders who build their companies on a foundation of self-awareness, appreciation for diversity of thought, authenticity, and continual improvement. The world needs great solutions and mindful founders.

Concepts of conscious leadership and conscious capitalism have recently been gaining steam, but they’ve always been key parts of our ethos.