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What is Rep Matters?

Rep Matters is a video interview series created by Phil G. Joseph, a young Black changemaker, and supported by Real Ventures. The goal of this series is to provide a space for leaders to discuss the Black experience within the Canadian startup community and serve as a catalyst to increase Black participation and representation in tech and VC. The series exposes key issues faced by Black tech entrepreneurs and investors today, and highlights how the entire startup ecosystem benefits from greater creativity and innovation when Black people are represented.

“I believe representation matters, and at first glance I didn’t see myself represented in the Canadian tech or venture capital spaces. It’s important for young Black people to recognize that these are industries of the future, and by taking part in them they empower themselves to shape the future of their local and global communities. I also want the idea of Black people being leaders in tech to be normalized, so that when Black entrepreneurs pitch to VC’s, those VC’s are subconsciously primed to see their potential for success.”

Phil G. Joseph
Rep Matters Creator & Host

The Episodes

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Black Canadians have some of the lowest participation rates in tech among all racial groups.* Our mission is to increase Black representation and participation in Canadian tech and venture capital. Join the Rep Matters community, and become a part of the solution.

*Brookfield Institute. (2019). Who are Canada’s Tech Workers?