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What is Rep Matters?

Rep Matters is where Black founders come for inspiration, connection, and support.

We believe in the untapped potential of Black communities and the individuals within them and serve as a bridge into the tech and venture capital ecosystems.

Our mission is to inspire Black founders and nurture the communities in which they thrive.


Webinar: The State of Funding for Black Entrepreneurs in Canada

In honor of Black History Month, Real Ventures and Rep Matters hosted a discussion with a panel of experts focused on what progress has been made and what gaps remain in funding for Black entrepreneurs in Canada.


The Black Founder List

Ever wonder how many Black owned companies have received VC funding in Canada? So do we! Our partnership with The Black Founder List now enables us to collect that data.

If you are a Black founder of a VC backed company or an investor in a Black founded company, help us all make a step towards funding transparency and accountability. 

Register your VC backed company

Interview Series

The Rep Matters interview series explores the Canadian tech and venture capital landscape through the lens of Black founders and investors. Our guests are both a source of inspiration for Black communities, and education for those seeking to understand Black experiences in a racialized world.

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Join the movement

Black Canadians have some of the lowest participation rates in tech among all racial groups.* Our mission is to increase Black representation and participation in Canadian tech and venture capital. Join the Rep Matters community, and become a part of the solution.

*Brookfield Institute. (2019). Who are Canada’s Tech Workers?