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We can’t predict the future, but we do have opinions on it. 

While we don’t know for sure what’s around the corner, it’s our job to have our eyes and ears open to ideas that can change the world. Our opinions are influenced as much by the people whose vision contrasts ours as those whose match it. We’re engaged with visionaries and leaders at the top of their fields, and we want to bring their ideas directly to you. 


Looking back @ paying it forward

The hard-won renaissance of the historic Notman House at Montreal’s innovation crossroads has more than validated the hypothesis that startup communities need a home. Physical space matters and Notman is where serendipitous collisions occur, inspirational ideas become experiments, multi-disciplinary teams coalesce, projects get wings, companies form, and successful founders and mentors give back.

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The crypto revolution

With a market cap in excess of $200 billion, Bitcoin and other crypto-assets can no longer be ignored. But will this new technology be a sustaining evolution or radical revolution for finance? And how will other industries be changed by this new paradigm?

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