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Knowledge is the key to building transformative technology.

While we don’t know for sure what’s around the corner, we do know that brilliant minds with vision and insight can change the way we build products and companies. That’s why we’re taking the time to dig into the details of tech entrepreneurship with seasoned pros — and we’re bringing their ideas directly to you.


Canada’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

In the first article in this series, we look at Montreal’s non-predatory model  and  how fellowship has fostered the world’s strongest AI research community.

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Accelerating growth: Key strategies for scaling a two-sided marketplace

Having established the principles for building a successful bidirectional marketplace in the first article in the series, Janet Bannister, digs into the key strategies for growth.

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Kick-starting a two-sided online marketplace

How do you kick-start a thriving two-sided marketplace? Real Partner and Kijiji founder, Janet Bannister, shares three principles for traction and success.

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What is the Future of Crypto?

How can cryptoeconomics change the power structures in our world? Partner, Mark McDowell writes about the potential of cryptoeconomics to change how consumers interact with services online — still being programmed by outside forces, but no longer with the oversight and agenda of global corporations and governments.

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Toward an AI-first world

Just as cloud computing and mobile technologies have been integrated across the board, AI will be the next differentiator between the businesses that surge ahead, and those that are left behind. Partner, JS Cournoyer writes on how companies can build AI-first solutions to solve problems on a previously unimaginable scale.​

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Looking back @ paying it forward

The hard-won renaissance of the historic Notman House at Montreal’s innovation crossroads has more than validated the hypothesis that startup communities need a home. Physical space matters and Notman is where serendipitous collisions occur, inspirational ideas become experiments, multi-disciplinary teams coalesce, projects get wings, companies form, and successful founders and mentors give back.

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The crypto revolution

With a market cap in excess of $200 billion, Bitcoin and other crypto-assets can no longer be ignored. But will this new technology be a sustaining evolution or radical revolution for finance? And how will other industries be changed by this new paradigm?

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