John Stokes

General Partner

John co-founded in 1995 and has been passionate about startups ever since. Having gone on to build mobile, web and media businesses on four continents, John is very comfortable with breaking new ground and dealing with the unknown. It was a bad experience in dealing with VC’s, and a desire to give other entrepreneurs a better experience, that led him to angel investing in 2001 and to co-founding Real Ventures in 2007. He knows that the path to success is uphill and it doesn’t have many signposts, but that an enquiring mind, an ability to inspire, a strong compass and dogged determination can allow founders to find success in places others didn’t know existed. Now based in Montreal, with a Canadian-Quebecoise wife and daughter, John still calls it “football”, not “soccer”.

Beyond The Rack, Breather, Crew, Frank & Oak, Guest Driven, Sociable Labs, Transit App, Vanilla Forums, FiveBy, CrowdMedia, Foko, Second Funnel, Shoto, Statusnet, SweetIQ, Trusted Insight, Urbita,,, X Lane, Bunch, Listn

Consumer Web, Vertical SaaS, Travel and Accommodation, Fintech, E-commerce, Storytelling, Minorities, Communities, Public Policy, CCFC