Real Ventures launched its Entrepreneur-in-Residence program earlier this year. As we explained at the time, the EIR role at Real is a transitional one; our EIRs have a real impact on portfolio; they help us to assess new opportunities and support our entrepreneurs. In return, we provide a view of the startup world through the lens of the most active early stage VC fund in Canada and assist EIRs in thinking through and refining their next  entrepreneurial venture.

The EIR experiment has been very valuable for us and for our portfolio companies. One of the reasons for the program’s immediate success was the contribution of Jean-Francois Gagné, our first EIR, with his specific focus on helping companies better implement Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general.

At Real Ventures  we are seeing more examples every day of how broad and profound the impact of AI will be. Incumbents will once again be usurped by a new generation of companies, while other companies will rise by empowering both the incumbents and the usurpers with AI tools as each battles for market domination.

Given its success to-date, Real Ventures is scaling up the EIR program. While we are excited to talk to any high impact, entrepreneurially minded individuals, we do have a particular interest in working with people who have a particular interest in and have had exposure to AI.

We are seeking up to five part-time EIRs. We know every situation is different; our goal is to craft the best fit and tailor the opportunity for each EIR, given their current situation. The time commitment can range from 3-6 hours per week up to a couple of days per week.  

Real Ventures has offices in Montreal and Toronto and it is likely that our EIRs will be based in one of those two cities, but we are open to having people based in other cities. EIRs will be involved across the Real Ventures portfolio and will also play an active role in our next FounderFuel accelerator cohort: cutting their teeth on sourcing, filtering and supporting (and maybe even joining!) the next generation of startups with global impact.

If you’re interested in joining our expanded EIR program and looking to contribute significantly to our startup ecosystem, please write a short email to eir@realventures.com with links to your online presence and a few lines about why this is the right time and you are the right person.

We will be publishing more updates in the coming weeks: how we think about artificial intelligence and machine learning (as a seed stage investor) and more details for FounderFuel Spring 2016 cohort (call for startups).

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