Investing in entrepreneurs from idea to exit

Real Ventures is Canada’s largest and most active seed venture fund. We look for inspiring entrepreneurs who exhibit unique insight and appreciation of their target market and industry.
You can be a first time entrepreneur or seasoned ; if you have passion, vision and a big opportunity we want to work with you.

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Real Ventures invests in ambitious entrepreneurs that are creating the Internet experiences of the future, or embracing the power of the Internet to disrupt existing industries or business models. We will invest pre-traction and have the team and networks to support entrepreneurs and propel their companies forward.

The best entrepreneurs do their homework on prospective VCs, and the best Canadian entrepreneurs want to be backed by Real Ventures.

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Execution labs

Jason Della Rocca, Co-Founder & CEO

Execution Labs is a first-of-its kind, hybrid game incubator and go-to-market accelerator


Ian Jeffrey, General Manager

Refining Visions. Building Products. Accelerating Startups.


LP Maurice, CEO & Co-Founder

Bus travel made easy.


Derek Ball, Co-founder and CEO

atVenu provides the industry's first end-to-end live event merchandise platform.


Rakesh Soni, Co-founder and CEO

LoginRadius is a social login and sharing platform for web and mobile applications

Beyond the Rack

Yona Shtern, CEO

Beyond the Rack is the ultimate online destination for designer brand fashions, accessories, beauty, and home décor essentials at up to 80% off.

Frank & Oak

Ethan Song, Co-Founder & CEO

Online personalized menswear


Alain Paquin , CEO

Simple design and deployment of multichannel marketing campaigns


Temo Chalasani, Co-Founder & CEO

A fun and beautiful way to share your videos


Conor Clarke, CEO

Social music discovery tool


Michael Mire, Co-Founder & CEO

All-in-one location-based marketing platform for agencies, brands & franchises


Joe Rideout & Jon McGee, Co-Founders

Relay helps you discover the newest and best visual entertainment from around the web with a beautiful and simple mobile app.


Mario Perron, CEO

Patient-centric interaction solutions. Connecting patients and caregivers with their providers and clinics. Health Questionnaire, Home Telehealth, Patient Portal.


Dan Martell, Founder & CEO

Clarity is a marketplace for business advice


Tave Della Porta, Co-Founder & CEO

The automotive remarketing tool that works wherever you do.

Viral Ninjas

Sebastien Brault, CEO

User acquisition for SaaS and E-commerce


Jeff Magnusson, CEO

Adwords for game developers


Andrew Sider, Founder & Co-Founder

Social site enabling people discovery based on common interests


Stéphane Marceau, Co-Founder & CEO

Bio-Sensing Apparel Platform


Luc Vezina, CEO & Co-Founder

A reputation-driven discussion network


Pablo Kleinman, Co-Founder & CEO

Urbita is a web platform & a mobile app that allows everyone to share the love and passion they feel for their cities and towns


Rick Perreault, Co-Founder & CEO

Unbounce lets marketers build, publish and test landing pages without IT or software.


Thiago Costa , Co-Founder & CEO

Lagoa is a cloud based platform for creatives working in engineering, architecture and media & entertainment to visualize 3D content.

Taste Filter

Martin Legris, CEO

Taste Filter is an intelligent discovery engine which evolves according to your tastes and preferences


Laurent Maissonave, CEO

Leading provider of ratings for social engagement in TV programs - enriches traditional ratings by taking into account the experience of viewers on social media.


George Favas, Co-Founder & CEO

Group buying power for small business


Dan Robichaud, CEO & Co-Founder

PasswordBox liberates you from passwords so you can login everywhere with 1-click and easily share your online accounts with people you trust


Mikael Cho, Co-Founder & CEO

The engagement platform that allows app developers to "socialize apps," turning their followers into users and fans into advocates.


Daniel Jameel, Co-Founder & CEO

A mobile platform that helps students take control of their college life by powering the events, conver- sations and deals on campus.

Merchant Atlas

Antonio Vitti, CEO

Merchant Atlas is a map to local merchants


Anthony Zebrowski , CEO & Co-Founder

Guest Relationship Management solution for the hospitality industry

Massive Damage

Ken Seto, CEO

Platform for location based mobile games


Lenny Rachitsky, Co-Founder & CEO

Real time, location-based Q&A platform.

Eric Pham-dinh, CEO & Co-Founder

Group buying club for exclusive products and experiences

Fabric Engine

Paul Doyle, CEO & Co-Founder

High performance computing in the browser


James Prudhomme, CEO

Algorithms to improve online advertising spend


Albert Dang Vu, CEO

One place for knowledge that matters


Stéphane Vigot, CEO & Co-Founder

Caristix develops HL7 interface management software for healthcare technology vendors and hospital IT teams.


Tara Hunt, CEO

Quora for fashion


Mark Michel, CEO

From the factory floor to your door (Acquired by Return Path)

Bruno Morency, Co-Founder & CEO

Context.IO is a REST email API that makes it easy and fast to integrate your user's email data in your application

Planora™ (Acquired by Redprarie)

Jean Francois Gagne

Solution for complex labor scheduling

Thinknear (Acquired by Telnav)

Eli Portnoy, Co-Founder & CEO

ThinkNear helps you target mobile display ads to consumers at precise locations.


We are a small team that bring many years of entrepreneurial and investment experience to our portfolio companies.We’ve had our successes and failures, so we should know what you’re going through – we don’t like talking about ourselves too much.

  • Alan MacIntosh, General Partner

    Alan has over 29 years of international experience in innovative technology related businesses starting in oil exploration with Schlumberger and later data networking with Hewlett Packard. In 2004 Alan co-founded Acta Wireless and led the firm’s investments in OZ Communications (acquired by Nokia), WaveMetrix, Millennial Media (NYSE: MM) and Cellfish Media. In 2007 Alan co-founded Montréal Startup. Alan is a director of the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada where Acta was a founding sponsor, a Trustee of the McCord Museum and President of OSMO Foundation (Notman House). A native of Scotland, keen cyclist and life long skier, Alan holds a BSc (Hons) in Offshore Engineering from Heriot-Watt University and MBA from INSEAD.

  • John Stokes, General Partner

    John is an investor who has been able to resist the urge to get back to being an entrepreneur - and instead choses to live life vicariously through the entrepreneurs in whom he invests. He looks for the human insight behind an idea and for the person that can reveal and communicate that insight. He likes ideas that target the consumer and particularly ones that turn consumers into "community activists". He searches for ideas that can "prempt" the status quo - a compelling enough experience that "just makes sense" to do things a new way. John strives for perfection, but can live with pretty damn good. Based in Montreal but a citizen of the world, he's a lucky person who strives to find other lucky people to spend time with!

  • Jean Sebastien Cournoyer, General Partner

    JS is a husband and father of five wonderful children. He co-founded Montreal Start Up and Real Ventures, two seed funds based in Montreal. JS loves working with entrepreneurs and startups. He is an entrepreneur as well, having co-founded and operated a few startups along the way. He tries to live life by giving more than he takes and looks for people who share this principle. JS' life is a constant (good) struggle to find balance between spending time with his wife and kids, with the entrepreneurs he works with, his friends and taking care of himself, which usually means playing hockey, swimming, running or biking. As such, he tends to work with people he enjoys spending time with.

  • Ian Jeffrey, Venture Partner & General Manager, Founderfuel

    Ian is the General Manager of FounderFuel and Venture Partner at Real Ventures. Originally from Montreal, Ian spent four years of his career in Silicon Valley. In 2006, when he was VP of Marketing at Tiny Pictures, he helped launch Radar, the first mobile photo sharing social network, and grew it’s user base to over 1.5M users in less than a year. Following the acquisition of Tiny Pictures by Shutterfly, Ian became Director of Marketing of its mobile and social media team. There he launched Wink, a mobile app that lets users create photobooth-style prints directly from their iPhone.

  • Stephanie Saheb, Chief of Staff

    Stephanie is the Chief of Staff at Real Ventures and ensures the company operates like a well oiled machine. Her role includes taking care of operational items, supporting investor and portfolio communications initiatives, and driving the marketing strategy. Stephanie has a free spirit and loves anything creative. A devoted Yogi, she believes a healthy body is a healthy mind. Stephanie has a B.A in Marketing and completed a Co-op program at the John Molson School of Business.

  • Charles Seely, Venture Partner

    Charles loves starting companies and working with entrepreneurs. He recently moved to San Francisco to start a Learning/Education business, having spent the past decade living & working in New York, London, and Stockholm, and almost a year exploring the mountains of Wyoming and South America. Previously Charles started & helped build online retail and telecom companies, led the financial restructuring of several private and public companies, and co-led the MBO of a public company. Along the way he's played a key role in the formation & funding of some well-known startups and been on the board of or a shareholder in companies/fields as wide ranging as astronomy, music, water, and film. Charles is happiest with his family, engrossed in a great documentary, climbing up hills on a bike or ascending a mountain with skis strapped to his back.

  • Gabriel Sundaram, Investment Analyst

    Gabriel is Real’s investment analyst. He focuses on fund management, platform development, deal sourcing, due diligence, as well as supporting our portfolio companies with data and product analysis. Prior to joining Real Ventures, Gabriel spent seven years in the hedge fund industry leading product development and fund management at Capitalogix, a Dallas based software startup turned quantitative hedge fund. Recently back from the US, Gabriel has become an active member of the Montreal startup scene, instigating or organizing several community initiatives including Startup Drinks, Startup Open House, and the Notman House.